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Cambodia – Innovations in Primary Health Care

Cambodia – a nation famous for its ancient civilization, temples, and architecture, but also its recent tumultuous history, is now looking toward a peaceful and sustainable future. Still one of the poorest nations in the world, Cambodia with a population of 14 million is developing at a rapid pace. Economic growth in the last decade has been around 8 percent.

Yet this growth has not been distributed equitably, especially for 85 percent of the population living in rural area and not having access to primary health care, among other basic services. To improve this situation, Cambodia’s health system is getting a boost through a program that contracts for better health service delivery in rural areas, which is already proving successful. The new country’s health strategy 2008-2015 proposes to scale up contracting programs to reach more of the poor and further improve health system performance, including independent monitoring and evaluation.
Cambodia – Innovations in Primary Health Care

2 Responses to “Cambodia – Innovations in Primary Health Care”

  1. andrewvan1 says:

    I think this is atrue facts…not a marketing for some parties. I wish
    Cambodia prosperity with assistance of the World Bank

  2. greenclips says:

    At least, Some poor families can access to health care system in the remote
    area and it is the good remark for health care system reform in Cambodia


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