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Change Her World – Part 1

CHANGE HER WORLD is committed to removing the barriers, world-wide, that hinder and prevent (1) girls from attending school and being educated, and (2) women from achieving health, wellness and economic stability.

Our Corporate Objects are:
To relieve poverty by providing food, clothing and other basic supplies to girls and women in need in developing countries;
To provide education programs in order to offer education, literacy, vocational and life skills training to girls and women in developing countries;
To improve the quality of drinking water in developing countries by constructing wells and water treatment, irrigation and sewage treatment systems;
To develop and promote public health of girls and women by operating community health care centers, medical clinics and dental clinics; and through the provision of medical, dental, health and health support services; and
To establish, operate and provide microfinance programs and services to girls and women in need in order to economically enhance communities and develop entrepreneurs as a means to relieve poverty.
Change Her World – Part 1

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