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Freedom from Poverty – An Idea Nation – Global Think Tank – Crowdsourcing Crowdfunding

We support social enterprise through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

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In AnIdeaNation, we foster collaboration among social entrepreneurs so that resources are used efficiently.

Mission: Uniting global citizens with a mission to solve global challenges.


1. We see no separation between us; what you do affects me and vice versa.
2. We first share, lend, trade and explore all resources available before outsourcing for capital.
3. We foster businesses that are sustainable using co-operative models.
4. We are transparent, open and honest in our practices (accounting, books, communication).
5. We are accountable to one another to uphold our values and global priorities.
6. We believe in ‘people before profits’ as we focus on the holistic wellness of our members first.
7. We crowdsource and crowdfund for community and business needs.
8. We provide exceptional quality services and products that are made to last.

General Information:

Governments need our help. The People’s Government is the Partner to bring new ideas to life. YOU are the People’s Government… YOU are the social entrepreneurs that bring ‘global revival.’

An Idea Nation – Global Think Tank is crowdsourcing the Globe’s Top 8 Priorities…

Energy – alternative sources / green, sustainable choices

Food / Water – more for the world; now

Environment – how to sustain our physical planet for our children’s children

Health – physical & emotional well-being, fitness, prevention, longevity

Education – new models of open learning, access to quality education for all on our planet

Freedom – from all forms of poverty

Justice – re-organizing law, unjust systems that “imprison”

Distribution – of knowledge and resources

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Freedom from Poverty – An Idea Nation – Global Think Tank – Crowdsourcing Crowdfunding

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