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Hungry For Justice: Tackling UK Food Poverty

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The Muslim Student Council (MSC) & and AhlulBayt Islamic Societies (ABSoc) are engaging in a week long campaign across universities to tackle and raise awareness of poverty, a rising phenomena, within the UK. In particular, the focus is on food poverty.

Every single person on earth, by virtue of their status as human beings, are entitled to basic fundamental rights, such as dignity and equality. At the most basic level, every human being should have enough to eat to survive. Poverty in the UK is often overlooked, simply because it is not as evident as it is in third world countries, due to the UK being a developed country and its advanced social infrastructure. A variety of factors have lead to this increase and the use of food banks has in fact tripled in the space of a year.

Our campaign — Hungry for Justice — coincides with National Interfaith Week, as it is a goal of every faith to seek to alleviate injustice within society. It will involve encouraging students to donate non-perishable items of food (tinned/packaged items) throughout the week which will then be distributed to various food banks across the UK through the help of volunteers. These food banks will then distribute the food to those who need it.

Our campaign is inspired by a man named Hussain Ibn Ali, who in 680 CE, stood up against the injustice and tyranny he faced at the time. From him, we learn that it is the duty of every single one of us, to work to struggle against injustice.
Hungry For Justice: Tackling UK Food Poverty

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