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Is Being Overweight and Healthy a Myth? A New Meta-Analysis

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I just wanted to take a minute to talk about this awesome study that was recently published. The authors asked the question: can being overweight and obese be a benign condition? In other words, is there such a thing as “healthy overweight” or “healthy obese”.

Body mass index or BMI greater than 30 has been associated with increased mortality. However within a group of obese individuals defined as a BMI over 30, there can be marked variability in their medical profile for things like lipids, blood pressure and glucose intolerance. It is in this context that interest has begun to focus on individuals who are classified as obese based on their adiposity yet possess a normal metabolic profile. These individuals have been labeled as “benign obesity” or “metabolically healthy obesity” in the medical and research community.

Being obese was associated with increased risk of adverse long term cardiovascular events in the absence of metabolic abnormalities. This strongly suggests there is no healthy pattern associated with obesity. Obese individuals with abnormal metabolic profiles experienced increased risk.


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Is Being Overweight and Healthy a Myth? A New Meta-Analysis

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