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ABATEX KIDS WELCOME MEGAWORLD, UMAC, IRON GLOBE & MYWORX- August 2013, 9/01/2013 – Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA August 31, 2013 — Hundreds of children and residents of the Abatex Community in Montalban, Philippines held in August 27, was a big success. We Care for Humanity (WCH) Founder and President, Ms. Maria Amor, in collaboration with the Megaworld Global Enterprises, Inc. led the Feeding Program and Goods Distribution Program for this dumpsite community located in Montalban, Province of Rizal in the Philippines.
Abatex Community is where about 100 families are informal settlers for more than a decade now, with filtering the daily garbage as the community’s main source of income. It is a community inhabited by children from ages 2 to 12 years old are exposed to this kind of work and are compelled to help their parents augment their meager income due to extreme poverty. There are about 100 children who are out of school, 75% of the parents are without any work and 60% is comprised of children.

On this humanitarian mission, Ms. Amor shared, “We at the We Care for Humanity are just so humbled by this another experience, to be with the children and families of Abatex Community in the Philippines. Our effort in coming here did not go to waste but instead we made them happy and we showed them that we care for them. For as long as we can, we will continue doing this to any parts of the world where we can bring smiles and to the needy children and families in our own little ways.”

Since the foundation of WCH in 2011, Abatex Community was officially adopted as one of its beneficiaries, which allows us them visit this place twice a year to help transform their surrounding into a more livable, comfortable and sustainable community. Ms. Maria led this year’s Feeding and Goods Distribution Program, in partnership with Megaworld Global Estate, Inc., located at the 15th Floor, Commerce & Industry Plaza, #1030 Campus Ave., corner Park Ave., Mckinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, in Taguig City, Philippines.

“We are more than happy and proud at the same time that we are in partnership with We Care for Humanity for this humanitarian effort. We sincerely believe in WCH vision and mission as exemplified by their awesome Founder and President, Ms. Maria Amor who unceasingly takes all opportunities to extend a helping hand to challenged communities globally, which we all share in our Megaworld family as well. WCH really deserves all our backings and support,” expressed Mr. Erwin Francis F. Go, the Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing of Megaworld Global Estate, Inc.

The happy occasion was joined by other equally overjoyed team from Megaworld composed of Ms. Maria Cecil Gatchalian-Rojas, Sales Director, Ms. Maria Catrina Unarce, – Events Associate, Ms. Princess Estrelle Arenas, Graphic & Web Designer, Ms. Rubie Jane Sun, Sales & Customer Relations Office Head, Ms. Glazielle Anne Olaivar – Sales & Customer Relations ffice Assistant and Ms. Janette SJ Hernandez, the Roadshow Consultant, Events Director & Lead Broker, and Ms. Marie Antoinette S. Fajardo, another Broker-Partner.

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We Care for Humanity, founded in 2011, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to improve international relations between and among nations through the promotion of education, health, and wellness. For membership and more information visit WCH website at



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