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AIM GLOBAL Leaders Meeting June 6, 2014

Alliance In Motion Global (AIM Global)
Phone: +639213860166

Speaker: Doctor Eduardo Cabantog

Group: AIMFIRE Brotherhood International – Joseph Lim Top 1
Sub Group: AIMFIRE ACES – Jackie Concepcion

International Business Center Offices
Philippines – Head Office
Brunei – Supreme Best Enterprise
Singapore – Goal International
Hawaii -Dynamic Marketing USA corporation
Taiwan – Global Wellness International
UAE (United Arab Emirates) – Pro Health Food Trading L.L.C.
Nigeria – Aim Global Nigeria Ltd
Hong Kong – Aim Global Trading Ltd
Ghana – AIM Global Ghana Ltd
Edmonton Alberta Canada
Aim Global Kuwait

Didn’t you realize that you have been working for years and all you did was to survive in your everyday life? no savings, no assurance for every tomorrow.

Realizing that your salary is less than your expenses?

How many years do you want to work?
Spend more time on the office than your family?
Sleeping every night thinking the problems of bad debt and how to pay it?

And you tell me “Be contented of what you have”? Be honest to yourself!!
The right thing to say is “What should I do to get out of this daily ritual of poverty”.

Why not start your own business while doing your daytime Employment?

We at Aim global promises to help you build your business and break the chain of poverty IF you follow the perfect system we teach you.

Money just passes by… INVEST and take a step for your future, start 2014 right!!!!!

Don’t let other people drag you down to poverty.

I’m offering Extra income Opportunities to those who need another business.

✔ Daily payouts. What you earned today, you can encash straight away
✔ Be your own boss. Take control of your own TIME therefore your own LIFE.
✔ You can choose to work at home
✔ Free business training, tools and software
✔ Free lifetime business support team and mentoring.
✔ Free lifetime internet-based tracking system to manage your business.
✔ Assistance to secure a “no- maintaining” balance ATM card (use it globally).
✔ Own a lifetime international business that you can transfer to your kids
✔ Get an opportunity to earn a residual income .
✔ Enjoy a lifetime 25% discount on all product re-orders There are no start-up headaches
✖ You don’t need thousands of dollars to start your own business.
✖ You don’t need to work full-time. You choose your own time
✖ You don’t need to have a business experience. Everyone can do it
✖ You don’t need to put up a store or a warehouse
✖ You don’t need to hire employees
✖ You don’t need to hire an accountant
✖ You don’t need to buy expensive business software
✖ You don’t need to create a new product.
✖ You don’t need to establish a new brand.
✖ You don’t need to worry about market research and create your own business plan.
✖ You don’t need to worry about creating your own pricing strategies.
What you will do as Aim Global Distributor Start making sales straight away while still doing the business training.
Learn how the business work and how to market or sell the products more effectively: Study the provided “business and products information” videos, presentations and materials Watch an online webinar like us, the “Tycoons” Consult with senior Aim Global Distributors Follow the company’s corporate system n marketing and selling the products to earn 25% sales profit. Refer new distributors to the company to earn referral commissions of up to 0 per day. Apply the whole of company’s business model to achieve more residual income. Do what you are already doing, –telling your network of friends and relatives about something really good .

“There’s NOTHING WRONG if YOU TRY”. If You are DILIGENCE and PERSEVERANCE for doing a Business, then you have the POTENTIAL to become Extraordinary Millionaire… Join my team
AIM GLOBAL Leaders Meeting June 6, 2014

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