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Ecuador Street Children Care and Education

Teach in Ecuador as a volunteer with Real Gap Experience and work in the poorest areas of Quito. The children and their families need support as many are living in extreme poverty. By working with the children and their families your community volunteer work will help to alleviate this poverty and help them to make a better future for themselves.
Ecuador Street Children Care and Education

6 Responses to “Ecuador Street Children Care and Education”

  1. felixbonsai says:

    Thank you for helping my country…

  2. Kevin Cudder says:

    gracias viva ecuador

  3. algom9 says:

    thanks a lot.. i hope you keep doing a good work and help people who need
    it.. i appreciate so much your work..

  4. Guillermo Quintero says:

    I used to live in Ecuador but I have never seen the cable cars.


    This is sad.

  6. bailey chambers says:

    My best friend, April wants to travel to Ecuador to teach English. Please
    donate using the link above or she can’t go. I am too poor to donate, so
    this is how I’m helping. Share it. Donate. Thank you :)


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