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Health: Waterborne Disease 2minutes2012 (First Draft).wmv

Tinille Medina 8-73, Isabel Gil Dominguez 8-73, and Camille De Belen 8-73 2 Minutes to make a Difference Movie 2012 (First Draft).
Health: Waterborne Disease 2minutes2012 (First Draft).wmv

4 Responses to “Health: Waterborne Disease 2minutes2012 (First Draft).wmv”

  1. Jennifer .Lopez says:

    Great job you guys! I like how the music was very calm in the beginning
    then it got more intense when you talked about what you guys did to make a
    difference. The text was easy to read, it didn’t go too fast or too slow.
    One suggestion I have is to actually narrate in the video, like speak in
    the video. That’s all I have to say. Overall this was an excellent video!
    Great job!!

  2. 816Jackie says:

    Great job guys! I thought that you guys had good facts and I liked how your
    pictures also match your text which are also very clear. I also liked the
    quote at the end. I think that you guys could of added your voices just
    like what Jennifer mentioned. Overall excellent job!

  3. Mary D says:

    Great job! (: I liked your music! I also liked how some of your pictures
    were HQ. You might want to fade your songs together so that it just doesn’t
    change instantly. Your points were also great! I liked how you put the
    point, and then the pictures. Other than that, great job! (= -Mary(:

  4. Paulo Emeterio says:

    Good job you guys i like the song of choice and the info is really nice but
    i really think that u guys should add a voice over so it could be more
    effective .I like that it is not fast and not to slow just right all in all
    is was very well done 😀 Paulo emeterio


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