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SITH3 – Panel 1: Intersection of mHealth and Behavioral Health

Securing IT in Healthcare: Part III
May 17, 2013
Panel 1: Intersection of mHealth and Behavioral Health

Panel Abstract
This panel discussed the potential for mHealth in an evolving healthcare context in the U.S., with a particular focus on the role that mHealth approaches may have in healthcare delivery systems which integrate physical and behavioral healthcare. The panel also discussed models for deploying mHealth tools in healthcare systems to increase the quality and reach of evidence-based behavioral healthcare while reducing costs. The pros and cons of mHealth apps used with clinical populations (in alliance with healthcare systems) and for wellness promotion/quantified self also were debated.

Chaired by Lisa Marsch, Director of the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center (PRC/CTBH), and Andrew Campbell, Professor of Computer Science, Dartmouth College
Sarah Lord, PRC/CTBH
David Gustafson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Niels Rosenquist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Timothy Bickmore, Northeastern University

On May 16-17, 2013, ISTS hosted the third Securing Information Technology in Healthcare (SITH3) workshop in collaboration with members of the Trustworthy Information Systems for Healthcare (TISH) project team. This workshop’s focus was on the exciting and ever transforming field of mHealth — the application of mobile computing technologies to health and wellness. The SITH Workshops traditionally bring together experts from many disciplines to discuss information technology in healthcare.
SITH3 – Panel 1: Intersection of mHealth and Behavioral Health

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