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TEDMED Great Challenges – Super Hero Health: How Can We Empower Kids to Eat Well?

With the surge of national attention on healthy eating and nutrition, children are quickly learning and recognizing what healthier foods look like, recognizing that a cookie is a sometimes food. Some kids just can’t stop at one cookie, or even four. They’ll often eat more food than they actually want to, especially when they’re anxious or sad. In fact, a mental disorder known as loss of control (LOC) eating is the most common disordered eating behavior in overweight kids, even pre-adolescents. Triggered by early anxiety and stress, the rise in this disorder drives us to wonder if we have sent mixed messages about what “healthy” really means and how to achieve it.

What causes this early loss of control over food? Have we sent mixed messages about health through our role models in society? How can we find a balance between setting boundaries and examples for children while empowering them to take charge and make good choices? How can we help all children take and keep control over their eating as they grow?
Join a live online event as we explore the complex environments our kids navigate each day and how we can promote keeping them healthy

Our discussion will be moderated by Claire Mysko from Proud2BMe at the National Eating Disorders Association
and our guests include:
– Eleanor Mackey, from Children’s National Health System
– Marian Tanofsky-Kraff, from Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
– Madhu Mather, from Stamford Hospital
– Lynn James, from Pennsylvania State University
– Chevese Turner, a patient who has struggled with binge eating from the Binge Eating Disorder Association
TEDMED Great Challenges – Super Hero Health: How Can We Empower Kids to Eat Well?

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