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The 5 Rome’s Principles and the Millennium Goals _ Ambassador Cousin

Video filming & editing: USEU/Office of Public Affairs, Brussels, Belgium.

Ertharin Cousin, Ambassador to the UN Agencies in Rome – Excerpts from Remarks to EU Policymakers, Opinion Leaders, NGO Representatives and Media in Brussels, May 26, 2010 

Transcription: That commitment, that financial commitment at L’Aquila that the countries agreed to is based around five key principles: Investing in country-owned plans and programs; fostering strategic coordination at the national, regional and global level, and striving for a twin track approach to food security that consists of direct action immediately to tackle hunger for the most vulnerable; simultaneous with medium and long term sustainable agricultural food security, nutrition and rural development programs.

This also would require ensuring a role for multilateral organizations, recognition on the part of the donor community that bilateral relationships, one country alone could not make the kind of systemic change that we need in agricultural development and food security.

Finally, the fifth pillar that the global community agreed to was ensuring a sustained and substantial commitment by all partners to investment in agriculture and food security.

These five principles represent a change in the paradigm for how the global community will look and work together on the food security issues.

These are the building principles for all of our work. And while they were first adopted by the G8 what was most impressive is that they were reaffirmed last year in the Rome Summit, the Rome World Food Summit by the entire UN membership. Many people believed that we could not come together as a global community on what were the pillars that would support a change in the food security system, but to the surprise of the global community we did come together because there was a recognition not just by the donor countries but by the developing countries that this is a formula that if we are willing to truly adhere to it will result in the kind of success that will be required for us to achieve the Millennium Goals.
The 5 Rome’s Principles and the Millennium Goals _ Ambassador Cousin

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