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EP – Sustainable Production of Indigenous Food Varieties for Better Global Nutrition and Health

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Studio Guests:

Bruce French, President, Food Plants International, Live from Tasmania, Australia (By Skype)

Buz Green, President, LEARN*GROW International, Tasmania Australia

Mary Wharton, North American Representative, LEARN*GROW America


This program will feature most unique programs usually reserved for major research institutions, leading universities, specialized research facilities located in specific countries focused upon scalable food stocks production among recognized world agencies sponsored by such governmental organizations as the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau, Canadian International Development Agency, German Agency for International Cooperation, United States Agency for International Development, among many others. Through the life-long work of Bruce French and his Food Plants International research and the non-profit LEARN*GROW organization are bringing sustainable food security based upon methods of identifying indigenous crops to developing nations across the globe.

With a global population of some seven [7] billion, the number of people in developing countries going to bed hungry every day is approximately one [1] billion and increasing. Many western food-aid programs are failing to address this problem yet the paradigms that help perpetuate this failure continue. In acute food shortages direct aid is essential. Sustainable food security must involve self-help. Western food aid programs focus on Western food crops that are often do not grow well as they are not adapted or well suited to target countries.

Such foods require high-cost inputs. People earning less than US.00 per day cannot afford while inadequate supply logistics render such supplies unavailable. These food stocks often cannot be produced sustainably, and more often than not, lack the essential nutrients to prevent malnutrition in the countries with the greatest need.

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EP – Sustainable Production of Indigenous Food Varieties for Better Global Nutrition and Health

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