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Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2013

Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2013. Thanks For Watching. Please Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment.

The top ten poorest countries map has been prepared on the basis of the GDP of a country. A country with a GDP per capita of 5 dollars or less is defined as a low-income or poor country.
The figures above include data and forecasts for the wealth of countries and regions for year 2013. Source: the IMF

In the early 80′s, Bob Geldof of the band called The Boomtown Rats saw in the news the massive famine engulfing the African country of Ethiopia. He felt guilty because he couldn’t believe that while the Western world was suffering from an abundance of wealth and food, a continent just below them were a people that did not have anything at all.

He organized Band Aid, enlisting the help of other stars like Bono, George Michael and Sting, to raise funds for Africa through a song entitled “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Their counterparts in the United States followed suit, with Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie writing a song called “We are the World.” They then banded together for Live Aid, that added stars like Madonna, Paul McCartney and Elton John in a two-continent concert.

Yet, almost three decades after, Africa remains a veritable wasteland. Out of the 20 poorest countries in the world, 17 comes from the continent, including nine out of the top 10.

Based on the different countries’ gross domestic product purchasing power parity, here are the 10 poorest countries in the world in 2013.

We do not inherit Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. The Earth is a home for 204 countries, 809 islands and 7 seas yet the Earth has not equally distributed its resources all over the world. With highly developed countries to highly poor countries; the Earth breeds all! With some countries having a high standard of living, some other countries do not have the basic necessities of life. With very little degree of variations, the suffering of millions of people is quite common and inevitable. With poverty stricken, Malnutrition, diseases, scarcity of food, the world has been a devastating place for hundreds of thousands of underprivileged people who literally have no standard of living.

Here is a list of the top 10 poorest countries in the world (2013) which reflects how the world still needs to implement a good deal of ideas and resources to the underprivileged countries and wipe off the poverty from the face of Earth.

When thinking of the world’s poorest countries you may think of Haiti or Bangladesh but you would be wrong. The truth is that all of the world’s 10 poorest countries are located in just one continent: Africa.

Here is the list of which are considered to be the world’s poorest countries today.

Economic independence is one of the measure to know if a country is poor or rich, there are many indicators that represents if the country is prosperous such as per capita income, GDP per capita , human development indicator .When it comes to comparison between poor and rich countries there is huge disparity between them. The rich countries are those which are well developed , have complete infrastructure , social awareness and support for the people , health facilities and justice for everyone , education and investment in human capital .The rich countries account for the 80 percent of the worlds wealth ,according to an independent survey more than 50 percent of the nations in the world are poor. We have compiled a list of top ten poor nations for you based on the GDP and per capita income also health facilities and stability in the country.

Almost all the people around the World Developing through Perfect utilization of natural and artificial sources like Agriculture,Technology,Tourism and Education sectors so far.Richest countries are become more rich sustainability increasing of income sources and per capita,But some countries through out from development and they are very low level of standard of living. mostly Now African countries are world’s poorest countries in 2013 according to WHO and UNO By calculating Their GDP and income Per capita.Citizens of such poorest countries need to put great efforts for satisfying their basic Primary needs like food, clothes, shelter, etc.

1 Democratic Republic of the Congo Congolese Franc 4.25
2 Zimbabwe Zimbabwean dollar 9.46
3 Burundi Burundi Franc 8.58
4 Liberia Liberian Dollar 6.04
5 Eritrea Nakfa 2.13
6 Central African Republic CFA Franc 7.93
7 Niger CFA Franc 3.43
8 Malawi Kwacha 3.84
9 Madagascar Malagasy ariary 2.07
10 Afghanistan Afghan afghani ,072.19
Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2013

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    Do top 10 socks

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    It’s sick how people can take pictures of the people but not help them

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    top 10 games

  5. Thomas Persija says:

    malaysia is poor fucking country

  6. TylerClawProductions says:

    That is really sad. Americans use up 26% of the worlds energy and the
    average businessman makes up to 5x the amount these countries make per year
    in about a month or less. Honestly if everyone in the U.S.A just donated 1
    penny, imagine how much difference that would make. Thats like $300m…

  7. ZHANG Ophelia says:

    I feel so sad for them

  8. Kristjan Kesselmann says:

    Wtf Africa? 

  9. link hokinsi says:

    America wake up stop paying more to the rich pay more to places like this
    America ur racist white colored skinned r just living the line while there
    black people die trying to reach dirty water to survive like if u agree
    whoooo rawwww!!!!

  10. Rob Dan says:

    Guess whoever made this video never been to Africa. Show some city folk,
    its like going to trailer trash white america and saying this is

  11. Extreme CoC says:

    dude im not searching the poorest state in Africa!

  12. haroldsneed says:

    Poorest isn’t defined by money when you have the sea, the land, and the
    livestock to survive. 

  13. Mateus Mate says:

    D.R.C is not the poorest country.A friend of mine lives there with his wife
    (btw I’m romanian not Congolese)

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    I feel bad for Africa 


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