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Water in Africa | SAGES & SCIENTISTS – Jordan Wagner Part 1

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Description: Jordan Wagner, Executive Director of Generosity Water, discusses the dire lack of clean drinking water that so many people experience around the world. As a businessman and son of a pastor, Wagner combines entrepreneurship and philanthropy to address this critical issue. He describes his first trip to Africa to assess the company’s initial well-building project. The experience forever changed the course of his life. Watch the video to hear what happened!

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Water in Africa | SAGES & SCIENTISTS – Jordan Wagner Part 1

4 Responses to “Water in Africa | SAGES & SCIENTISTS – Jordan Wagner Part 1”

  1. Andrew Bell says:

    Fantastic talk! You’ve got my support, Jordan.

  2. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    You know, I think it must be a sacred thing to come to realize and say,
    “I’m poor.” Thx for this video folks.

  3. ANATOMIKA says:

    Why not construct an artificial river? A river that connects The Congo
    River with The Nilo and The Niger, for example. There are 5 large rivers in
    the contintent of Africa that may be connected by a global project. It
    would help to solve the problem. In the close future Water and land are
    going to be the hugest resources on the Global Economy and this is why Rich
    economies (China, UK, etc.) are turning their eyes into Africa now – not to
    help them basically.

  4. Peter S. López says:

    1.1 Billion people do not have access to clean water. How advanced do you
    really think we are as a species of life?


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