About us

About us

The objective of the Anti-hunger Initiative Collaboration is to highlight the real and growing need around the world for not only a range of anti-hunger organisations but also a mechanism for co-ordination and streamlining the various initiatives and efforts. No nation, not even the richest, is exempt from this immediate and demanding problem which sees significant proportions of the world’s population in need of daily food aid.

The problem is obviously more acute in particular regions of the world, but its omnipresent nature means that it is a real issue for governments and their citizens everywhere. One of the main problems is the seemingly never ending requirement for food emergency aid and the immediacy of having to meet that requirement. With a constant battle against limited resources it would seem that the organisations involved have little hope of progressing from merely satisfying what demand they can. However, even in these difficult circumstances new initiatives and ideas are emerging to provide long term strategies for change and development.

We will continue to highlight and promote the best policies and practices that will improve the health, wellbeing and circumstances of the communities who need emergency food aid. We welcome the moves towards providing healthy and nutritional food, educational information and healthcare.

A collective approach to managing and co-ordinating resources and sharing ideas and best practices will help all involved to maximise the benefits to be derived for available resources. We must all do what we can.