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Live Chat with Dr. Bellonzi- Fitness, Nutrition and Health

Question: defination of health

Answer: Health’ is an elusive word. Most people who consider themselves healthy are not. And many people who are suffering from some known disease, may be relatively healthy. Health is a concept which does not merely relate to the absence of disease, of healthy working of organs, or having good thoughts. Health is a holistic concept. It relates to a person as a whole. Not just the person you see, but also the person you ‘feel’. Health is a tri-une of three parts:

– Emotional Health

– Mental Health

– Physical Health

Let us explore each one of these.

Physical Health

All the body parts should be there
All of them are in their natural place and position
None of them has any pathology
All of them are doing their physiological functions properly
And they work with each other harmoniously

Mental Health

having a mental aptitude near or above social average.
having the ability to perceive things as they are, and not as one thinks they are.
having the ability to understand the social structure and ability to comprehend vocal and other forms of communication within that social structure
having a reasonable ability to make judgments regarding good and bad or right and wrong.
having the ability to remember and reproduce information collected through various senses or through learning to a reasonable degree.

Emotional Health

able to show correct emotional response based on the stimulus
able to express his emotions (actually, able to express the thoughts generated as a result of emotions)
able to regulate the mental and physical response generated due to an emotion.