AHIC -The Anti-hunger Initiative Collaboration

There are many anti-hunger organisations throughout the world providing food on a daily basis to hungry people who desperately need hunger-relief charity to survive. This is a service not just operating in third world countries but also in the wealthiest countries in the world.

Hunger relief is provided by governments, local authorities, charities, funded bodies and private enterprise and is required to resolve the ever growing current day issues of people who struggle with the problem of hunger. Emergency feeding sites across the western world are now a mainstay of wealthy nations every bit as much as structured food programs and famine relief are in third world countries.

Common purpose

The organisations providing these services have common goals in terms of their mission, how they provide their services and the importance of treating everyone they interact with in a way that preserves individual dignity and shows respect and compassion. There is however an overriding sense of urgency in the operation of anti-hunger organisations that reflects the immediate needs of people who find themselves in need of emergency food aid. With limited resources and finite finances there is a constant battle of trying to meet the growing needs of emergency food communities as efficiently and effectively as possible.

New health initiatives

Whilst a major part of the provision of food aid programs and services is about the demands of meeting the daily requirements of these communities, there is also a longer term planning aspect to the activities of anti-hunger organisations. A great example of this is highlighted by recent decisions by many of the anti-hunger organisations only to supply healthy and nutritional food and to educate their clients about the importance of healthy eating. Some have even gone further and provide health screenings including blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure tests.

New initiatives to go further and widen the scope of benefits provided through education and ways to empower people to take charge of their own wellbeing are breaking new ground. Health and fitness programs along with integrated dietary plans and advice on positive attitudes to food are now part of the longer term health improvement plans. Health providers are getting involved. So for example, a personal trainer is ideally placed to contribute to these initiatives and many are offering their services on both an informal basis and as part of the structured program.

One such company who understand the wider perspectives of health requirements is Health Matters Glasgow whose comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing includes the support of initiatives and programs to inform, educate and improve people's understanding of what affects their health.

This moves the programs to another level which means not only meeting the immediate hunger needs of disadvantaged communities but also improves the overall health and wellbeing of the individual people within these communities. Educational programs and health provision services leads to increased knowledge and consequently empowerment for people and a real means of improving their circumstances.

The focus of AHIC

It is almost hard to believe that in today’s world of plenty there are millions of people in all countries across the globe in real need of emergency food aid every day. One of the main objectives of AHIC is to highlight the plight of these communities and to seek ways of improving both public and private sector funding to assist the anti-hunger organisations meet the requirements of their seemingly ever increasing emergency food communities.

We look to the responsibilities of governments to meet the needs of their people but also seek ways for local people and local businesses to help and contribute both financially and with their time.


Food aid and economic circumstances

There are many reasons why people round the world require food aid and the causes can vary significantly according to location. Economic circumstances play their part in different ways and third world countries for example have very specific endemic financial problems that cause food aid requirements.

In the western world a common reason cited for the cause of food aid requirement is personal debt issues. Financial problems can be overwhelming and where debt advice may not always be perceived as available then people can easily find themselves in circumstances of need and this can often include basic food aid.

It is always important to ascertain the root cause of the requirement for food aid. If it is because of financial difficulties and debt related issues then this is the problem to be addressed. It is always advisable to seek professional advice and if required a debt arrangement scheme is an option to consider.

Once the real reason for the food aid is determined it enables solutions to be put in place which may then negate the need for free food provision thus helping to alleviate the excessive demands on this vital service.


Water is Life | SAGES & SCIENTISTS – Jordan Wagner Pt 3 – Deepak Chopra

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Water is Life | SAGES & SCIENTISTS – Jordan Wagner Pt 3 – Deepak Chopra


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Aid for Africa

We support the Aid for Africa Endowment for Food and Sustainable Agriculture program.

This forward looking program is based on the premise that there are many ways out of poverty. It is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Sub Saharan Africa by supporting graduate students who engage in study and research of the region on how agriculture and nutrition can positively affect food security and reduce poverty.

Africare is the largest and oldest African-American organisation in development assistance and have a range of programs for improving agriculture and farming methods in Africa.